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Please note these are basic instructions for standard S & G or La-Gard 3 wheel combination locks.                                                     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Opening index mark

 Opening index mark is at 12 noon                                                                                                                   Changing index mark

Changing index mark is at 10am  (Changing the combination only).              

Changing the combination is not recommended unless you are confident at doing this, if you do change the number check it several times with the door open to make sure it is correct or it could be expensive, it could be cheaper to call us out to change your number.

This page is designed as a guide only.

3 Number combination dialling procedure

If you miss a number when dialling a combination start from the beginning again. Do not turn the dial back to the number. (If you lightly rest your thumb of the other hand against the dial it is much easier to stop on the desired number).

To open 3 wheel combination lock.

Example numbers 30  - 40  - 50


At each stage, turn the dial in the direction indicated stopping at the end of the final revolution when the selected number aligns exactly with the opening index.

  •  1     #30         Turn dial at least   4 revolutions  ( anti –clockwise). Stop on first number. (30).

  •  2     #40         3 revolutions   ( clockwise). Pass 2nd number twice stop on 3rd turn at 40.

  •  3     #50         2 revolutions   ( anti –clockwise). pass 3rd number once then stop on number.

  •  4                   Turn clockwise until dial stops (approx 95 dependant on lock). Lock is open.

  Easy Guide

 To dial example numbers 30 – 40 – 50

Dial all numbers to the opening index mark at 12 noon

Turn dial at least 4 turns left stopping on the first number   30

Turn dial right passing second number twice, stop on number  next time around  40

Turn dial left past third number, stop on number  next time around   50

Turn dial right to open lock.

If you miss a number start again.

To relock turn dial left (anti clockwise) at least 5 full revolutions.


Changing to a new combination for a 3 wheel combination lock

Select 3 new numbers to make up the new combination. Do not use numbers between 0 –20 for the last number and do not use rising and falling sequence of numbers.

 With the door open throw the bolts out and lock, then dial the existing combination against the changing index mark approx 10am (not opening index mark 12 noon) and stop when the last number aligns exactly with the changing index. Hold the dial in this position and insert the change key in the keyhole at the back of the lock.

Turn the key one quarter turn anti clockwise.

Dial the new number to the same change key index making sure all numbers are entered correctly with the final number still on the change index.

Turn the change key one quarter turn clockwise and remove it.

Before closing the door try the new combination several times using the opening index mark not the changing index mark. If this does not work the back must be removed from the lock and the wheel pack realigned. If you are not confident ask us to do this for you.


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